SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Toys, Tools, and Packages

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

The Need For SEO

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is important to all web-site operators who care about getting visitors to their sites. Your site's SERP (Search Engine Rank Placement) determines how many potential visitors seeking what your site has to offer will become actual visitors to your site.

The internet is full of SEO advisors and consultants, some good, many mediocre. I am not one of them: of SEO, I can say what Will Rogers famously did: I only know what I read in the papers.

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For in-depth expertise, look to places like The SEO Guy (who has an SEO Forum), plus other SEO-related forums like the Digital Point Forums.

But even the most casual review of SEO principles brings up several points on which there is little or no disagreement, and this site has some toys, tools, and packages to help you implement those widely accepted SEO principles on your site (or sites). These are not replacements for a thorough-going SEO analysis, review, and overhaul of your sites: they are easy-to-use augmentations of sound uses of SEO principles.

Some SEO Basics

Google, like the other search engines, keeps its "algorithms" for determining SERP a close secret. But careful experiments by SEO specialists have indicated certain truths. A couple of the chief SEO truths that are relevant to what is on this site are:

  1. Size Does Matter: the sheer page count of a site, especially if it is quite large, does influence both SERP and Google's proprietary (but important) Page Rank (PR) value.

  2. Freshness Counts: pages with content that changes frequently seem to suggest to the search engines that your site has timely, fresh material, and the number of your pages that change--and how frequently they change--is likely an important element in SERP.

But large counts of often-changing pages are much less helpful to a site if those many pages are not relevant pages: pages reasonably related to the chief theme of the site.

So, as a webmaster, besides all the other SEO things you need to do to optimize your site for the search engines (notably getting links from many strong sites relevant to yours), you would like to be able to add a very large number of relevant pages that all change frequently--preferably at least daily--but that are little or no effort to maintain, you would like to have the key pages of your site change in meaningful ways frequently with little or no effort, or (ideally) both.

Useful SEO Toys, Tools, and Packages

There are SEO toys, tools, and packages here to help you with those things, and some other SEO matters too. They are, for now (more will be added from time to time).

These SEO toys, tools, and packages are all free:

  • Freebie, a package that will, with only modest one-time customization effort, add many thousands of relevant, daily-changing, no-maintenance pages to any site.

  • Via, a very small, very simple toy that you can use to stop bleeding Page Rank through links you provide to places to whom you do not owe a reciprocal link.

  • Weather, a simple drop-in tool that provides frequently changing extended weather data, including extended forecasts, that can be customized for any location in the world: put it on every site page you have on which weather is not irrelevant and turn that page into one that has continually fresh content.

  • Rates, a simple drop-in tool that shows daily currency-exchange rates (as reported by the International Monetary Fund). You can set any IMF-listed currency (there are about four dozen) as the "base" and get standard and reverse conversion rates in your selection of any other IMF-listed currencies (and, of course, set background and text colors).

Books About the Internet

Since you're looking at this page, you are interested in internet-related matters. The SEO Toys bookshop is not only an operational demonstration of the Freebie package, but an functioning bookshop where you can look over (and even--gasp!--buy) any of the several thousand books Amazon carries related to "the internet".

Visit the SEO Toys Bookshop: Books About the Internet

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